Why choose Summer Courses and Winter Holiday Labs by Cordon Bleu

Why choose Summer Courses and Winter Holiday Labs by Cordon Bleu

Cooking holidays in Italy: try Italian and Tuscany gastronomy

Whether long or based on one single workshop, no prior knowledge is required for these courses.

They are open to those new to the cooking experience as well as those who want to improve their skills or add new and innovative recipes to traditional ones.

The Italian cooking school Cordon Bleu has a network of professional chef teachers dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary instruction, and taking participants on a memorable taste experience, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

These courses can be taught in English.

Who is the courses for?

Who is the courses for?

These courses are ideal for students and amateurs wishing to further their knowledge of the main products of classic Italian cooking, bakery and pizza making.

The courses are also designed for those interested in furthering their knowledge of Italian wine and students of science of cooking and high cousin. The courses deal with making and production processes of Italian fresh pasta, bread, pizza and focaccia and typical regional Italian cooking. Moreover, wine making and tasting will be covered in depth. 

The Italian cooking and culture lessons will be accompanied by wine tastings pairing food and wine.


Aroma Italia Labs

Aroma Italia Labs - Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking
Start September 1st
The professional cooking course: 15 lessons + 5 activities to discover menus and milestones of Italian cuisine