Why choose the Cordon Bleu?

An authentic Academy of Italian Cuisine and the best platform to launch an international career.

Your journey to the heights of the culinary arts

Cordon Bleu Florence offers a three year Bachelor degree Course, recognized by EABHES (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools) and entitling participants to ECTS university credits.

The academic programme focuses on a kitchen-centred path of study, consolidated by other subjects which include:

  • Food history of Italy and from other parts of the world
  • Ethnic cuisines (Iranian, Indian, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, Latin American, Kosher and so on)
  • Nutrition Science
  • Menu development
  • Food product categories
  • Marketing
  • Chocolate and Pastry
  • Cheese science
  • Safety, sanitation and hygiene
  • Food costing
  • Mise en place

Who is the course for?

It is the right course for those who want to engage in academic teaching

A 3 years training program

The course is aimed at young learners or adults, at those who have completed a Hotel Management course or, simply, those who want to engage in a professional career as chefs but have no culinary experience.

The course is ideal for career-switchers and for current chefs seeking to improve their skills.

An essential part of the professional programme is an internship period in one of the many Florentine restaurants or hotels.

The location of the school in the heart of Florence is ideal for future job opportunities.

Aroma Italia Labs

Aroma Italia Labs - Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking
Start September 1st
The professional cooking course: 15 lessons + 5 activities to discover menus and milestones of Italian cuisine