Professional Cooking courses

Professional Programmes on Italian cooking and Pastry arts

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Intensive courses in cooking and pastry arts

The professional cooking courses are designed for those wishing to become professional cooks or pastry chefs, as they will acquire the knowledge and skill to be able to work both professionally and competently. The cooking classes are held by a range of teachers whose professional cooking methods and teaching styles will provide the students with a clear and thorough picture of the world of cooking.

The objective of the professional culinary courses is to form students who will be able to work in the most basic kitchens and laboratories as well as the most equipped ones. Once mastered the basic skills, the techniques and the traditions of Italian cuisine and pastry arts, the school’s culinary professionals will be able to give their utmost in any situation.     


The school offer a 1-year complete professional course, an opportunity for those who aim to enhance their culinary knowledge in a limited period of time. The training programme begins in September and includes the 5 professional courses .
Contact the school for further details and information about any concessions availabe to participants.


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Aroma Italia Labs

Aroma Italia Labs - Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking
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The professional cooking course: 15 lessons + 5 activities to discover menus and milestones of Italian cuisine