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Professional Programmes on Italian cooking and Pastry arts

Specific courses to become professionals in Pastry Arts and Cooking

The courses for Professionals are aimed at those already working in restaurant kitchens as well as pastry laboratories, and want to further enhance their culinary knowledge. The courses are taught by a number of teachers who will focus on the innovative aspects of modern cooking, and who also will be a valid support for the professionals wishing to expand their culinary vision. 

The courses are structured into single or more lessons, and represent an ongoing educational programme for culinary professionals.

The material provided by the school is non-sponsored
Course Type
Italian Ice Cream (Gelato)
Professional Classes
4 hours
The school is pleased to welcome Palmiro Bruschi who is a member of the Italian Ice Cream Academy and has been the Italian champion of ice cream making.

During the lesson Bruschi will create new and traditional ice creams flavored with authentic Italian ingredients.

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Price: 130€