Courses for Professional Chefs

Professional Programmes on Italian cooking and Pastry arts

Specific courses to become professionals in Pastry Arts and Cooking

The courses for Professionals are aimed at those already working in restaurant kitchens as well as pastry laboratories, and want to further enhance their culinary knowledge. The courses are taught by a number of teachers who will focus on the innovative aspects of modern cooking, and who also will be a valid support for the professionals wishing to expand their culinary vision. 

The courses are structured into single or more lessons, and represent an ongoing educational programme for culinary professionals.

Course Type
Durum wheat fresh pasta
Professional Classes
3 lessons
Three lessons of The Art of Pasta Making opened to few more students
The other lessons will be held on August 31 and September 2, from 9am to 1pm
Contact us for more information
Price: 300€
Gelateria - Ice-cream
Professional Classes
2 lessons
Two lessons of  the Professional Programme on Pastry Cooking opened for few extra students.
The second lesson will be held in the afternoon, 2-6pm
Contact the school for enrollment
Price: 250€
Italian Brioche & Croissant
Professional Classes
2 lessons
The second lesson will be held the following day

Contact the school for enrollment
Price: 150€
Professional Classes
2 lessons
Two lessons of The Art of Pasta Making opened to few more students
The other lesson will be held on September 23rd, from 2pm to 6pm
Contact us for more information
Price: 220€
"The Big Chill" Cooking
Professional Classes
1 lesson


A lesson of the Advanced Professional Course in Italian Cooking, few places available.

Nitrogen is one of the gases we breathe, and when it is compressed it becomes a very cold liquid. Liquid nitrogen is "COLD", there is nothing colder. Everything it touches turns into crystal. Only the most skilled chefs are able to use this element, and there are many cooking techniques that use it. With liquid nitrogen a flower can be tranformed into glass. All materials change when they come in contact with liquid nitrogen: drops become perfect spheres, meat and fish shatter into tiny grains forming the delicious "Tartare". Mozzarella and tomato turn into ice cream, and oil turns into butter.
The Big Chill is the world of ice cream: coffee, chocolate, fruit juices, sparkling wine are transformed into ice. This ice cream will be soft as silk and the whole aromas and flavours will be trapped inside, the coffee, Muscat and chocolate ones.
Price: 130€
Come rassicurare il cliente: conoscere e prevenire le nuove emergenze post Covid19
Professional Classes

Il corso si rivolge a tutti i titolari e soprattutto dipendenti di sala e cucina di attività ristorative: ristoranti, bar, pasticcerie e gelaterie che hanno bisogno di adeguarsi in modo professionale alle nuove necessità.

Argomenti trattati:
1) I nuovi dispositivi da applicare (analisi settore per settore delle normative Inail e DPCM 17/5/20)
2) Le normative del personale di sala (partendo dai cartelli di cui devono prendere visione e firmare.
3) Gli obblighi dei clienti (cosa devono o non devono fare dal momento del loro ingresso)
4) La gestione del cliente in epoca Covid19 (sorridere e rassicurare attraverso la mascherina e la gestione dell'emergenza come litigi tra clienti e prevenzione del "cliente censore" futuro recensore
5)  L'empatia, problem solving, ascolto attivo.

Individual Lessons

You can follow our COOKINGCOACH and explore a topic of Italian cuisine and pastry at your choice.