Amateur courses

Cooking courses for the enthusiasts

Cooking courses for the enthusiasts

The school offers three courses dedicated to the techniques of cooking and pastry arts: Basic General Cuisine, Haute Cuisine and Pastry Arts, designed for those who want to improve their cooking skills by learning about working methods, product characteristics and preparations.
The courses are also suitable for beginners, as every preparation phase is carefully illustrated so that it can be easily reproduced in the students’ own kitchens.
In addition, the school offers other courses like, for example, Bread and Foccacce, Fish as well as single lessons on specific topics.

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All-time classics

Following are some amateur courses concluded or inactive, request information for the next dates
Course Type
Basic Cooking January Desserts
Amateur Courses
3 hours afternoon
Classification of the different dessert and spoon dessert to finish a classic menu, main ingredients, uova, caramel, gelatin and other thickeners, chocolate, hygenic rules, flambé.

Cooking part: Crepes Souzette, Chocolate Mousse, Creme Brulee, Yogurt Bavarian Cream with Strawberry Compote, Souffle al Grand Marnier.
Price: 100€
Italian cooking: The sweet Tuscan autumn
Amateur Courses
1 lesson

The lesson is devoted to the preparation of some tipical autumn Tuscan desserts,such as: zuccotto, cantuccini (almond and anise biscuits), schiacciata con l'uva (shallow tart with fresh grape), torta della nonna (custard pie).

For more information please contact us: +39 055 2345468 or

Price: 90€
Basic Cooking - Evening Soups, first courses and risotti
Amateur Courses
3 hours evening
Different Italian soups, minestroni, fondues, consomme, veloutes. How to clarify stocks and to make a consommè.

Cooking part: Milanese style risotto, Vichysoisse, Spinach Veloute, Cheese foundue Pidmont 

style, Potato gnocchi.

Price: 100€
Basic Cooking - Evening The basics
Amateur Courses
3 hours evening

Description of the cooking tools and their use, introduction to the fundamentals of the classic sauces, rules to organize a menu, first course dishes, chopping vegetables, "mirepoix", "battuto & soffritto", clarified butter, meat stock, elements of foods preserving.
Cooking part: Traditional meat sauce (Bolognese), Crepes, Bechamel sauce, Red radicchio pie, Cheese souffle, Brown Sauce, Clarified Butter, Brased onions.

Price: 100€
Aroma Italia
Amateur Courses
5 lessons

5 lessons on Italian Cooking chosen from lessons listed below. Visit the CALENDAR on the website for the up-to-date information about the schedule.

The course is held in English and in Italian.
Price: € 420€
Aroma Italia Pizza and Focacce
Amateur Courses
1 lesson

Aroma Italia - Pizza and Focacce

Contact the school for more information and details about this course.
Price: € 90€