Amateur courses

Cooking courses for the enthusiasts

Cooking courses for the enthusiasts

The school offers three courses dedicated to the techniques of cooking and pastry arts: Basic General Cuisine, Haute Cuisine and Pastry Arts, designed for those who want to improve their cooking skills by learning about working methods, product characteristics and preparations.
The courses are also suitable for beginners, as every preparation phase is carefully illustrated so that it can be easily reproduced in the students’ own kitchens.
In addition, the school offers other courses like, for example, Bread and Foccacce, Fish as well as single lessons on specific topics.

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All-time classics

Following are some amateur courses concluded or inactive, request information for the next dates
Course Type
Aroma Italia Gnocchis
Amateur Courses
1 lesson

The course includes:
Potato gnocchi
Pesto sauce
Stuffed potato gnocchi
Spinach and ricotta gnocchi
Semolina gnocchi

Contact the school for more information and details about this course.
Price: € 90€
Aroma Italia A Northern Italian menu
Amateur Courses
1 lesson

Pepper bells with anchovy sauce
Classic risotto
Veal with tuna sauce
Pickled vegetables
Chocolate and amaretto pudding
Price: € 90€
Aroma Italia Tuscan Cooking II
Amateur Courses
3 hours

Aroma Italia - Tuscan Cooking II

Contact the school for more information and details about this course.
Price: € 90€
Basic cooking January
Amateur Courses
30 ore

Lesson 1: THE BASICS

Description of the cooking tools and their use, introduction to the fundamentals of the classic sauces, rules to organize a menu, first course dishes, chopping vegetables, "mirepoix", "battuto & soffritto", clarified butter, meat stock, elements of foods preserving.
Cooking part: Traditional meat sauce (Bolognese), Crepes, Bechamel sauce, Red radicchio pie, Cheese souffle, Brown Sauce, Clarified Butter, Brased onions.

Lesson 2: THE SAUCES

Cold sauces, Emulsioned sauces. Hot sauces based on brown sauce or caramel, Vinaigrettes and Citronettes, Aromatic herbs, Sauces for meat, fish or eggs, Sauces for Fondue Bourguignonne, Sauce based on oil or butter.
Cooking part: Maionaise and its derived sauces (home-made, with electric beater, for 
professionals), Vinaigrettes and Citronettes, Horseradish sauce, Hollandaise sauce, Bernaise sauce, Home-made mustard sauce, Apple sauce.


Selecting, cleaning, steaming, blanching, boiling, glazing, drying. Puree, flans, pies, souffles, Ratatouille, Caponata, Buglione ext. Potatoes, Spinach, Asparagous, Artichokes, Cauliflower, Onions, Broccoli, Jerusalem artichokes, Legumes.

Cooking part: Pommes Douchesse, Mashed potatoes, Artichokes flan, Glazed onions, Candied Tomatoes, Broccoli flan.


In salt crust, Poaching, Broiling, Sauteing, Pot roasting, Roasting, 
Stewing, Steaming, En-papillotte, Smoking, Marinating, Maillard Reaction, Browining, Searing, Tieing the chicken, Boning the chicken.

Cooking part: Chicken in salt crust, Poached eggs, Meat or fish in sicilian style, Roasted mackarel, Veal with orange sauce, Fish en papillotte, Steamed mussles with poaced eggs, Smoked shrimps.


How to judge freshness, how to get fish fillets, cleaning and prepare for cooking, preserving, Fish fumets, Fish stock, Bisque, Fish coulis, Sole Colbert, Caviar.

Cooking part: Fish fumet, Fish stock, Roast fish with lemon, Sole filets with saffron, Calamari salad, Sea-bass slice with potaoes crust, Bavette pasta with fish sauce.

Lesson 6: MEAT

How to select the veal and beef cuts for the different dishes, ageing, marinating, roasting, deglazing, brasing, stewing, Pork, Lamb, Organ meats, Mustard, Pepper, Sour Cream.
Cooking part: Filet en boite, Beef filet with green pepper sauce or balsamic vinegar, Boeuf Stroganoff, Veal stew "Bouquetiere". Duck breast with orange sauce, Pilaw rice.


Different Italian soups, minestroni, fondues, consomme, veloutes. How to clarify stocks and to make a consommé.
Cooking part: Milanese style risotto, Vichysoisse, Spinach Veloute, Cheese foundue Pidmont 
style, Potato gnocchi.


The use of oil, pans, tools, metals. how to drain, how to reheat, how to flour, Villeroy recipies, frying potatoes, different coatings and batters for frying, 2 batters, Tempura, listing of dishes included in the many typical fried courses in Italy (from Pidmont, from Tuscany, from Rome, from Naples). The egg, freshness, cooking and use.


Home made pasta rolled out with the pasta machine, tagliatelle, lasagne, blanching, different shapes, sauces for fresh pasta (gravy from roast meat, truffle etc.)

Cooking part: Pasta Roll as a rose, Maccheroni alla chitarra, Taglierini with lemon sauce, White and green Cannelloni.

Lesson 10: DESSERTS

Classification of the different dessert and spoon dessert to finish a classic menu, main ingredients, uova, caramel, gelatin and other thickeners, chocolate, hygenic rules, flambé.
Cooking part: Crepes Souzette, Chocolate Mousse, Creme Brulee, Yogurt Bavarian Cream with Strawberry Compote, Souffle al Grand Marnier.
The lessons will be held once a week in the new school location, Via Giusti, 7 Firenze

See the calendar for course times.

Contact the school for more information and details about this course.

Price: € 800€
Aroma Italia Bread & Italian Focaccia
Amateur Courses
1 lezione

The lesson is focused on the preparation of:
Focaccia from Apulia, Focaccia from Recco, Ciabatta bread, Bread from Apulia
Price: € 90€
Aroma Italia Stuffed Pasta and its veg surprises
Amateur Courses
1 lesson

The lesson is devoted to the preparation of different types of Home made pasta (tortelli and ravioli) with veg stuffing.
During the lesson students will be taught also on particular shapes of tortelli and ravioli.
For more info contact the School +39 055 2345468 or

Price: € 90€