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Summer Labs 2024 / June edition

The summer cooking workshops in English designed to discover and learn the basics of Italian cuisine.
Teacher: Barbara Zattoni & Tommaso Bartoloni
June 6th
July 5th
4 weeks
9am-1pm + 2-6pm, subject to variations

The course

Summer course in Italian cuisine taught in English,dedicated to students and enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge of the main preparations of classic Italian cuisine and desserts. The course is strucrured through practical cooking lesson: each student actively participates in the lesson.

Various culinary processes will be covered, including the preparation of first course dishes either with home-made pasta or dry pasta, main courses and desserts, focusing on Italian traditions and ingredient selection.

The course schedule includes 23 lessons of 4 hours each.In addition, there will be an edicational market tour and two exam days.
The lessons are offered in English and can be purchased individually.

The cost

The total cost is 4,000 euros and includes all ingredients and the uniform: hat, jacket and apron.
A single lesson costs 165 Euro

The program 

Lesson 1 (06/06/2024): Introduction to cooking, vegetable cuts, and basics
Lesson 2 (07/06/2024): Vegetables and legumes 1
Lesson 3 (10/06/2024): Potatoes
Lesson 4 (10/06/2024): Vegetables and legumes 2
Lesson 5 (11/06/2024): Tomatoes
Lesson 6 (12/06/2024): Chicken and rabbit
Lesson 7 (12/06/2024): Eggs
Lesson 8 (13/06/2024): Rice and grains
Educational visit (17/06/2024): Market tour
Lesson 9 (17/06/2024): Beef and veal
Lesson 10 (18/06/2024): Fish
Lesson 11 (18/06/2024): Shellfish and mollusks
EXAM (19/06/2024)
Lesson 12 (20/06/2024): Egg pasta
Lesson 13 (20/06/2024): Durum wheat pasta
Lesson 14 (21/06/2024): Poultry
Lesson 15 (25/06/2024): Stuffed pasta
Lesson 16 (25/06/2024): Gnocchi and gnudi
Lesson 17 (26/06/2024): Exceptions and sauces
Lesson 18 (27/06/2024): Savory pies
Lesson 19 (28/06/2024): Dry pasta and sauces
Lesson 20 (01/07/2024): Pork and wild boar
Lesson 21 (02/07/2024): Offal and sauces
Lesson 22 (03/07/2024): Spoon desserts
Lesson 23 (04/07/2024): Baked desserts
EXAM (05/07/2024)

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