Course ID: #689 - Pastry School

Pastry School - Chapter 2

Basic pastry preparations
Teacher: Francesca Grillotti
January 23rd
February 6th
3 lessons
330 each chapter€
Basic pastry preparations

Whipped sponges based on eggs or butter 
January 23th - Whipped sponges and difference with the cakes
Sacher cake, red fruit charlotte, biscuit (log), Victoria sponge cake

Different types of shortcrust pastry
January 30th - Different types of shortcrust pastry and their various uses
Linzer tart, Viennese shortbread biscuits with vanilla and cocoa, Shortcrust pastry with hazelnut / pistachio, Cream tart, Apple and raisin bread crumble

The puff  pastry
February 6th - How to make the dough starting from scratch, folding and rolling
Danish pastry with berries, Savory aperitif puff pastry (vol-au-vent, sacristans, ...), Classic millefeuille / Diplomatic cake, Kranz

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