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Italian Kasher Cooking

From the Italian Jewish Kitchens.
Minimum 6 people
Teacher: Cristina Blasi, Gabriella Mari
On request
3 hours + 1 (with visit)
10am-1pm, or 2pm-5pm, or 6pm-9pm
per person 180€

Italian Kasher Cooking

Dishes from the Jewish traditions from North, Centre and South of Italy

History behind recipes

Italian Kasher cooking is incredibly rich, and it is present in many traditional regional dishes thanks to the Jewish communities, whose presence in Italy stretches back more than two millennia. From Venice to Rome up to Bra and Monferrato (Piemonte), Livorno and Florence, these are only a few places where the local culinary traditions have merged with the Sephardic and Ashkenazic traditions creating dishes and cooking traditions which are still now widely spread. For those wanting to approach Kashrut cooking, we offer a course with tasty and easy to make recipes, which are also interesting for the history behind them.
For kasher observants we guarantee kashering of our kitchens and equipment under the supervision of the mashgiach, and the use of authorized ingredients and procedures, minutely carried out by our staff.

It is possible to combine the course with a visit to Sant’Ambrogio market. Guided by your chef, you will take a short walk through the historic streets of the local area, and admire one of the oldest churches in Florence, with its magnificent fresco. Also, you will meet some of the food producers and altogether choose the ingredients needed for your course. 

Cristina Blasi and Gabriella Mari, after years of experience, teach a course following the kasher rules, with kasher ingredients in an appropriate kitchen.

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