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Individual lessons - online -

The School is now available for individual amateur and professional cooking lessons held by our teachers.
On request
1 hour
.It is possibile to reserve both amateur and professional cooking lessons (online) with our teachers:
Francesco Beatini
Gabriele Cini
Simonetta Capotondo
Gabriella Mari
Duccio Pistolesi
Barbara Zattoni
You can follow our COOKINGCOACH and explore a topic of Italian cuisine and pastry at your choice

Do not hesitate to contact our secretary in order to know everything about the online lessons and the topics offered. For any information or details: 0039 055 2345468 or

Here are a few lessons with:
Gabriele Cini
- New methods for the food production from the scientific research
- Course on the selection creteria of flour and yeast
- The classic Tiramisù with home made pasteurized egg
- The authentic Pizza from the origins to nowadays recipe
- The "Gelato" in the Florentine Reaissance
Gabriella Mari
- Pumkin pizza
- Asparagus and burrata risotto 
- Spaghetti with Tuna fish souce
- Cod fish stew with leeks
- Gnocchi pasta with peppers and sausage (vegan)
- Chicken with onion and sweet pepper
Duccio Pistolesi
- Home made pizza in 45 minutes
- Mum, I've made Gnocchi!
- Vegetartian Aperitif
- No waste meal.Let's make a dish with what you have in YOUR refrigerator
- Pici pasta, Tuscan thick spaghetti, with sweet garlic sauce
- A seasonal semifreddo dessert

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The summer cooking workshops in English designed to discover and learn the basics of Italian cuisine.

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