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Course for Cordon Bleu Cook

Learn the techniques of professional gastronomy and experience how the kitchen brigade system works during the internship period.
The new professional basic cookery course offered by the School of Culinary Arts of Florence.

Teacher: Tommaso Bartoloni, Cristiano Gabbanini, Matilde Pettini e Barbara Zattoni
January 13th
May 4th
15 weeks
Morning - Subject to variation

The short intensive programme focuses on the study of Italian cuisine recipes as well as the fundamental contemporary cooking techniques.

Course objectives

The course aims to train cooks specialized in Italian cuisine. With the solid basic techniques provided by the course, the student will be able to work in professional kitchens. 

Study Programme

The School offers a course in professional cookery with a 25 five-hour lesson study programme. The course includes 3 lessons on the HACCP method for food safety and management - compulsory training for food businesses.

During the first lessons the students will familiarise themselves with the kitchen area, equipment and ingredients. They will go on to study the techniques and will finish the course with menu preparations by working individually and in a team.
The lessons will focus on the following topics:
Different types of preparations, menu design, recipe interpretation, cooking methods.
Use and maintenance of utensils and equipment, managing utensils and kitchen spaces.
Ingredients, market tour, selecting, storing and hygiene.
Ingredient preparation, cleaning and cutting, work organization.
Basic roux, stocks and sauces
Starters and eggs 
Pasta dishes, soups, gnocchi and risotto
Meats: cut selection, classic recipes and cooking methods
Fish: selecting, filleting and traditional recipes
Vegetables: selecting, preparation and traditional recipes
Desserts, basic elements to create a HACCP line
Practise preparing classic regional and modern dishes with individual and team work, technique application
Final exam 


The study programme for the Cordon Bleu Course for Cooks is followed by a ten-week internship. The internships will be held in food establishments in and around Florence, or in other areas upon student request. The internship programme - times, procedure and rules - will be decided by each establishment.  

The price

The price of the Cordon Bleu course for Cooks is € 3,700.00 per student, which includes:
- 500,00 enrolment fee
- learning materials (recipe book, apron, chef's hat and uniform)
- chef/tutor tuition during the lessons
- ingredients for the lesson
- internship planning
- insurance cover during the study programme and internship.


The lessons will be given in Italian and in English.
The maximum number of participants is 15, plus make up lessons and occasional students.
To earn a Certificate of attendance students must have:
attended at least 80% of the course
respected the rules in force at the food establishment

And then

Graduates of professional courses will have the opportunity to be in touch with companies that apply to the school in search of qualified personnel.

For further information do not hesitate to contact the School at +39 055 2345468 or +39 055 2260228, or send an email  to

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