Course ID: #433 - Basic Cooking - Evening

The sauces

The course centers on Italian and International cooking techniques.
February 17th
3 hours evening
Cold sauces, Emulsioned sauces. Hot sauces based on brown sauce or caramel, Vinaigrettes and Citronettes, Aromatic herbs, Sauces for meat, fish or eggs, Sauces for Fondue Bourguignonne, Sauce based on oil or butter.

Cooking part: Maionaise and its derived sauces (home-made, with electric beater, for 
professionals), Vinaigrettes and Citronettes, Horseradish sauce, Hollandaise sauce, Bernaise sauce, Home-made mustard sauce, Apple sauce.

The Art of Pasta Making

The professional cooking course on the Art of Making Pasta at the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts is a professional cooking course which aims to form specialists in the most representative area of Italian cuisine.

Course for Cordon Bleu Cook

Learn the techniques of professional gastronomy and experience how the kitchen brigade system works during the internship period.

Fig: che Fico!

The lesson starts with a box, the same one that the students will take home at the end of the lesson.
Once all the secrets and techniques for preparing the ingredients have been revealed, the students will cook the dishes under the guidance of the teacher.