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Baking and Pastry Labs 2024

A summer baking and pastry course in English to discover and learn the basics of Italian pastry making.
June 10th
June 28th
16 lessons
9am - 1pm or 2pm - 6pm

Goal of the course

The Italian pastry summer course in English is dedicated to students and amateurs who want to deepen their knowledge of the main Italian and international pastry techniques. It is developed through practical lessons in the laboratory where each student actively participates to the lesson.

The course

The course consists in 16 practical lessons of 4 hours each: Sponge cakes - Choux pastry - Basic creams - Modern tarts - Classic cakes - Leavened dough - Puff pastry - Modern cakes - Regional Italian pastries - Savory cakes
Lessons are held in English


The total cost is 2,500.00 Euros (that means 2,700.00 Dollars, or 2,140.00 British Pounds) and includes all consumables and the uniform consisting of hat, jacket and apron.


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