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Advanced Professional Course in Italian Cooking

Professional cooking school for the specialization of contemporary Italian cooks

The course consists of 5 chapters for a total of 30 lessons lasting 4 hours each.

The internship program engages students for 4 weeks following the study program.

February 20th
April 30th
10 weeks
Morning / afternoon - Subject to variation

Course Objective

The objective of the course is the specialization of chefs and students already trained in Italian cuisine to deepen their knowledge of traditional and innovative techniques.

The study program is aimed at professional growth to allow the graduate to advance his career.
The cost of the Advanced Professional Course of Italian Cuisine is 3,300.00 Euros per person, the price includes:

- 500,00 Euro registration fee
- didactic material (recipes, apron, hat and chef jacket)
- chef / tutor during the lessons
- ingredients for the lessons
- organization of internship
- insurance coverage for the hours of study at school and during internships

To obtain the final certificate of attendance students must have:
- attended at least 80% of the lessons
- respected the agreements made with the company in which they will carry out their internship.

Lessons will be held in Italian.
The program is reserved for a maximum of 12 participants plus remedial and occasional students.

Graduates of professional courses will have the opportunity to be in touch with companies that apply to the school in search of qualified personnel.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at +39 055 2345 468 o +39 055 2260 228,  or write us at


The program focuses on an in-depth study of recipes and advanced techniques of Italian cuisine with a modern and international flair.

During the practical lessons, students will create traditional and innovative dishes with the best ingredients chosen by the master-chef of each lesson.

The study period is followed by a 4-week internship in high-level kitchens.

The course is structured in 5 chapters:

20 Feb - Morning / afternoon - Subject to variation
Haute Cuisine

Program dedicated to Italian haute cuisine with an international flair.
Appetizers, first, second and side dishes

Teacher: David Bonucci, Massimiliano Catizzone, Giovanni Cerroni, Luca Cai, Simone Cipriani, Paolo Fiaschi, Stefano Umberti
This group of lessons can also be purchased individually Enroll
06 Mar - Morning / afternoon - Subject to variation
Fish in Haute Cuisine

A week of lessons dedicated to cooking fish

Teacher: David Bonucci, Tommaso Cintolesi, Deborah Corsi
This group of lessons can also be purchased individually Enroll
13 Mar - Morning / afternoon - Subject to variation
Cooking Technologies and Techniques

Modern and innovative cooking techniques alongside classics of haute cuisine

Teacher: Tommaso Bartoloni, Guido Mori, Stefano Pinciaroli, Riccardo Zanni, Barbara Zattoni
This group of lessons can also be purchased individually Enroll
20 Mar - Morning / afternoon - Subject to variation
Cooking and Nutrition

Cooking observed through its components, dietetics and traditional and innovative pairing techniques

Teacher: Francesco Beatini, Cristian Giorni, Gabriele Andreoni
This group of lessons can also be purchased individually Enroll
27 Feb - Morning / afternoon - Subject to variation
To create the ideal end to a perfect meal. Five lessons that include the preparation of ice creams and sorbets
Teacher: Giovanni Cerroni, Gabriele Cini, Marco Ottaviano, Riccardo Zanni
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The Art of Pasta Making

The professional cooking course on the Art of Making Pasta at the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts is a professional cooking course which aims to form specialists in the most representative area of Italian cuisine.

Course for Cordon Bleu Cook

Learn the techniques of professional gastronomy and experience how the kitchen brigade system works during the internship period.

Fig: che Fico!

The lesson starts with a box, the same one that the students will take home at the end of the lesson.
Once all the secrets and techniques for preparing the ingredients have been revealed, the students will cook the dishes under the guidance of the teacher.