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The School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu of Florence offers Italian cookery courses as well as single classes/lessons for professional and amateur cooks, chefs, tourists and children

Tuscan, Florentine and International Italian cookery

Tuscan, Florentine and International Italian cookery courses are available, along with special courses on wine, bread, pasta and more. The lessons are available in Italian, English, or French and given by our founders, Cristina Blasi and Gabriella Mari, plus a variety of other chefs and experts.
A sampling of the Italian cookery courses we offer:

  • Intensive courses at a professional level in Italian and English (3 months)
  • Single lessons for groups of Italians or tourists/foreigners •Short lessons on Italian Cuisine and wine tasting
  • Kosher Italian Cooking
  • Tailor made private cooking lessons in Italian, English or French
  • Cooking lessons for children and teen-agers

Special courses, situations:

  • The school is available for rent to outside teachers for specials courses or events.
  • Management and training: Team Building, Incentive, Group and Outdoor Training.

Empowerment courses for individuals and groups

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The material provided by the school is non-sponsored.


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Quality and competence for your professional training

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All-time classics

Courses which can be activated on request
Course Type
Basic Cooking January Cooking methods
Amateur Courses
3 hours afternoon
In salt crust, Poaching, Broiling, Sauteing, Pot roasting, Roasting 

Stewing, Steaming, En-papillotte, Smoking, Marinating, Maillard Reaction, Browining, Searing, Tieing the chicken, Boning the chicken.

Cooking part: Chicken in salt crust, Poached eggs, Meat or fish in sicilian style, Roasted mackarel, Veal with orange sauce, Fish en papillotte, Steamed mussles with poaced eggs, Smoked shrimps.

Price: 100€
Aroma Italia Stuffed Pasta and its veg surprises
Amateur Courses
1 lesson

The lesson is devoted to the preparation of different types of Home made pasta (tortelli and ravioli) with veg stuffing.
During the lesson students will be taught also on particular shapes of tortelli and ravioli.
For more info contact the School +39 055 2345468 or info@cordonbleu-it.com

Price: € 90€
Christmas flavours at Cordon Bleu - lessons, cooking sessions and market fair
Amateur Courses
4 hours
The school is opening its doors for a Christmas event!

An unique event, with free English cooking sessions where children will learn to make sweets
and especially biscuits to put under the Christmas tree for Santa Claus. There will also be a
tortellini preparation workshop….and many Cordon Bleu gift ideas to put under your Christmas

You can buy gift vouchers for cooking lessons organized by the school, for example the
lesson on the Four Seasons’ Hotel brunch to learn how to make the perfect Club Sandwich and
many more recipes to impress your guests. Last but not least, you can also buy a gift voucher
for the cooking show “Il Coperchio di Petronilla”.

There will also be a Christmas market where you will find a selection of cookery books by Ta Ta
Ta, Barbara’s scarves in spice colours, the project “Su la testa” of handmade hats created by
one of our chef teachers, oil and antique roses from Fattoria La Villetta, and much more.



Price: free entry€
Aroma Italia Gnocchis
Amateur Courses
1 lesson

The course includes:
Potato gnocchi
Pesto sauce
Stuffed potato gnocchi
Spinach and ricotta gnocchi
Semolina gnocchi

Contact the school for more information and details about this course.
Price: € 90€
In the kitchen with Marco Stabile
Amateur Courses
1 lesson
Menu to be defined
Price: € 100€
Aroma Italia Stuffed Pasta
Amateur Courses
1 lezione

Aroma Italia: Stuffed Pasta

Contact the school for more information and details about this course.

Price: € 90€