20 November 2020

Number Cake by Francesca Grillotti

The recipe for Francesca Grillotti's Number Cake, prepared for the School's 35th birthday!
Number Cake by Francesca Grillotti - Cordon Bleu
Number cake

For the short Pastry

400 g unsalted butter, soften at 18° C
150 g icing/confectionary sugar
Vanilla pod
2 g salt
50 g egg whites
500 g cake flour

For the Pastry cream

1/2 lt whole milk
Vanilla pod 1 g
Lemon rind
120 g egg yolks
150 g granulated sugar
45 g corn starch
8 g gelatin, soften in cold water
600 g whipped cream

In a beater, mix the butter with the sugar until soft then add the salt and the vanilla, then the whites and the sifted flour. Mix delicately then make a ball, wrap in plastic then refrigerate for at least half hour.
On a baking paper, draw the number, roll the dough out, 1 cm thick maximum, place the paper on the dough and cut the dough as the number, 2 copies for each number.
Refrigerate for 1/2 h. then bake at 150°/160° C for 10/12 minutes then let it cool completely.
Make the cream and when is still warm add the gelatin and let it cool thouroghly, then fold it in.

Assemble and decorate the cake as in the video.

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