27 July 2023

Alessandro's journey, from school to a historic Italian pastry shop

When he started attending the Professional Pastry Course at Scuola Cordon Bleu in Florence, Alessandro already had a clear idea of where he wanted to go.

He wanted to work in one of the most renowned and oldest pastry shops in Italy, the prestigious Pasticceria Besuschio in Abbiategrasso (Milan).
And today that's where he works! We asked him a few questions about his experience at Cordon Bleu School in Florence.

What course did you take and why?
I chose the Professional Pastry Course because I wanted to make a career out of pastry. But above all I wanted to learn, acquire skills and have access to professional training that would open the doors of high-level pastry shops for me.

What added value has your experience in Cordon Bleu brought to your professional career?
The two most important things I took away from school are curiosity and confidence. I learned a great deal and everything I learned made me want to deepen my knowledge even more!
Furthermore, the school was fundamental in planning the internship: it gave me strong support in what I wanted to do, helping me find the internship I was aiming to.

Where do you work today and what is your role?
Today I work in the historic Pasticceria Besuschio, I was hired immediately after my one-month internship.
My role at the moment mainly consists of creating the dough. We work a lot with sourdough which we use for panettoni, colombe and other typical desserts. In addition, I also participate in the processing of other preparations such as mousses and biscuits.

What do you think are your strengths and the greatest contribution you make to the team?
First of all I must say that I am very happy to have found an open, young and creative group. Every day I learn something new. I can propose my ideas and experiment with new techniques and preparations.
In this first month I have tried to offer everything I had learned in school, not only the technical part but also the commitment, passion and creativity.

What is the skill you learned in school that is helping you the most in your job?
Beyond all the technical skills, there are two things I learned in school that are indispensable in the work I do: the ability to work in a team and the one of handling pressure. Before the course at the Cordon Bleu school I had no idea how important these aspects were.

What would you say to the Cordon Bleu students or those who would like to take up this profession?
Take a risk, aim high! If you start with low expectations you will miss many opportunities, instead you have to look for the best because this is the way to gain experience and learn a lot.
Give it all you got and be ready to make sacrifices, I have been away from home for many months but I had a very clear goal and I was ready to do anything to achieve it.
It won't be easy but it will be worth it.

The Professional Pastry Course that Alessandro attended lasts 15 weeks and it is structured into 45 lessons, during which the theoretical-practical study of the foundations of Italian pastry is deepened. The next course starts on October 2, 2023 and enrollment process is open!

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